Learn To Backup and Restore Your Registry

To take BACKUP of your registryl in Windows XP you need to follow the steps given below:

  • To get this utility go to:

  • Start-->Programs-->Accessories-->System Tools-->Backup.

  • The wizard will launch, then click next.

  • Choose BACKUP FILES AND SETTINGS and click next.

  • Choose LET ME CHOOSE WHAT TO BACKUP and click next.

  • Expand the section for MY COMPUTER (click the minus sign next to it) and place a check mark in the box next to SYSTEM STATE DATA.

  • Add the drive containing XP or at least the WINDOWS folder.

  • However this does add considerable time and size to the backup and click next .

  • Now choose a place to store the info and name it.

  • If you are proficcient, you may choose a different type of backup by using the advanced tab.

  • And with this you are through with taking the backup of your registry!!!

Now let us see how to restore the backed up registry in case of an emergency:

  • Goto Start-->Programs-->Accessories-->System Tools-->Backup.

  • The wizard will launch, now click on the ADVANCED button.

  • Click on the RESTORE WIZARD button.

  • Click next on the following screen.

  • Choose the backup you want.

  • Follow the remaining screens.

  • Done!!!


{For Windows XP Home Edition users}

Most probably you won't see the Backup option in Windows XP Home. Put the XP CD in the drive and exit out of the screen that pops up. Go to My Computer and Right Click on the Drive containing the XP CD. Choose Explore. Now click on the following file: VALUEADD MSFT NTBACKUP NTBACKUP Installer.

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