CM Punk

Signature: Exchange the “Rope Stretch Chicken Wing” with the “Shining Wizard Comobo 2″ to get the desired results. This move can often be seen before the GTS.

Finisher: Exchange the “Shining Wizard Combo 2″ with the “Anaconda Vise 2″. This finisher is his old move, this was also used during match with undertaker at the bragging rights.

Dolph Ziggler

Finisher: Exchange the “Paydirt” with the “Reverse Neckbreaker”. Dolph never used Shelton’s “Paydirt” This character has only one finisher which we mentioned.

Eve Torres

For this Finisher Exchange the “DDT 16″ with the “Handspring Splash”. This Cartwheel Moonsault is her latest finisher move.

Finisher: Exchange the “Womans Slap” with the “Diving Moonsault 3″. If you remember, Eve used this finisher move to beat Natalya in the Smackdown show.

For the Finisher exchange the “Christo” with “Pull Back Big Boot”. That is her “Jade Dragon” finisher she used to beat Maryse on the RAW game.

Corner Grapple: Exchange the “Mug Shot” with the powerful “Bulldog 2″

Signature: Exchange the “Flying Neckbreaker” with the “Diving Leg Lariat 2″

Finally for the Finisher, exchange the “Diving Leg Lariat 2″ with “Flying Neckbreaker”. This cool new move by JTG is his latest creation, he used this in Smackdown to win over Tyson Kidd.

Bonus Finisher: Exchange the “Leg Drop Bulldog” with the “Mug Shot”. This is his favorite finisher move which he often exhibits and performs to take down his competitors.
Gail Kim

Signature: Exchange the “Pull Back Big Boot” with “Christo” thi sis Gails sig move.

The Miz

Signature Move: Exchange the “Facecrusher 5″ with the swift “Shoulder Jawbreaker” and bingo!

Finisher Move: Exchange the “Shoulder Jawbreaker” with the “Facecrusher 5″
Shelton Benjamin

Signature Move: Exchange the “Powerslam Pin 3″ with the “Super Kick”. Shelton seldom uses this.

Finisher Move: Exchange with the “Super Kick” with the “Powerslam Pin”. This is slightly older T-Bone Suplex finisher.

Game Cheat Codes

To get the seen results, on main menu enter these codes (case sensitives) under option tab:

•The Great One – Unlocks The Rock

•CENATION – Unlock John Cena’s alternate attire

•SuckIT! – Triple H’s alternate attire

•BonusBrawl – Unlocks The Dirt Sheet and Mr. McMahon’s Office as playable arenas

•BowDown – Shawn Michaels’ alternate attire

•Milan Miracle – Unlock Santino Marella’salternate attire

•ViperRKO – Randy Orton’s alternate attire

Unlockable: Road to WrestleMania Unlockables

When you will perform these codes, you will be able to unlock the Alternative Attire, Matches and more:

Brand Warfare

•John Cena Alternate Attire (Street Clothes) – Week 4, you must put Kane through a table in less than 2:30 as John Cena

•Triple H Alternate Attire (DX) – Week 6, win your match in under 3 minutes as Triple H

•Alternate Attire for Miz and Morrison (Street clothes), Dirt Sheet area for backstage – Week 11, win the handicap match as either Triple H or John Cena

•Champion of Champions Title Belt – Win at Wrestlemania CAW RTW

•Ezekiel Jackson – Week 3, throw each opponent out of the ring at least once.

•The Hardys Entrance, DX Entrance, Morrison and the Miz Entrance – In Week 2, you must win the battle royal as either Triple H or John Cena

•Alternate attire for Mr. McMahon (suit) – Week 5, Spend at least one minute of the match outside the ring

•Alternate Attire for Santino Marella (Street clothes) – Week 12, make a successful diving attack from the top of the ladder

•Alternate Attire for Vince McMahon (Chicken Head) – Win the WrestleMania Match Edges RTW

•Jesse – Week 2, hit every opponent with a finisher

•Alternate Attire for Mr. Kennedy – Eliminate Mr. Kennedy from the Royal Rumble Match

•Alternate Attire for Edge – Week 6, Win in under 3 minutes

•Vinces Office in Backstage match – Week 6, win your match

•Santino Marella Story Designer story – Week 11, reach 500 degrees at least four times

•Locker Room Backstage area – At No Way Out, drag Mr. Kennedy on top of the Big Show and count the pinfall

•Mr. McMahon (Playable Character) – Week 11, Put Triple H through an announce table

•The Rock – Complete Edges Road to Wrestlemania Dickie James RTW

•Alternate Attire for Natalya – Week 9, Choose Kendrick over natalya / Week 10, win the match suffering minimal damage

•Alternate Attire for The Brian Kendrick – Week 9, choose Natalya over Kendrick / Week 12, win the match without using a signature move or finisher

•Trish Stratus – Complete Mickies Road to Wrestlemania Randy Orton’s RTW

•Green and Red (Dummies as Characters) – Week 3, refuse Codys help and then reverse three of Batista’s attacks.

•Randy Ortons Alternate Attire – At No Way Out, RKO Dusty Rhodes

•Cowboy Bob Orton – Week 9, dont use any strikes in your match

•Road to Wrestlemania Event Skip Feature (?) – Week 12, Spend less than 2 minutes in the ring as the legal superstar

•Dusty Rhodes – Beat Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania and KO Dusty after the match

•Ted DiBiase Sr. – Beat Ted DiBiase Jr. at Wrestlemania and KO Sr. after the match HBK’s RTW

•Alternate Attire for Shawn Michaels – Week 4, hit both opponents with Sweet CHIN Music

•Alternate Attire for Chris Jericho – Week 6, Make Jericho Bleed

•Alternate Attire for JBL – Week 8, Win the match in under 4 minutes

•Alternate Attire for Shawn Michaels (DX) – Week 10, Accept the Retirement Match / Week 11, have your partner be the legal man longer -OR- Week 10, Decline the Retirement Match / Week 11, Execute 3 Double Team attacks

•Interview Room for Backstage – Complete Shawn Michaels RTW

•Eve – Week 2, pin or submit Maryse

•Alternate Attire for Dickie James – Week 6, beat Michelle McCool in under 3 minutes

Unlockable: Backstage Brawl Arenas

You can complete the desired tasks to unlock this code in Road to Werestlemania

•Vince’s Office – As a Create-A-Superstar, win your match in week 6

•Interview Room – Complete Road To Wrestlemania as Shawn Michael

•Locker Room – At No Way Out, drag Mr. Kennedy on top of the Big Show as Edge and count the pinfall

•Dirt Sheet – Win the handicap match as either Triple H or John Cena in Week 11 at Brand Warfare

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