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Dragon Age 2 v1.02 + 3 DLC + 18 Subjects RePack by-Ultra

Dragon Age 2 v1.02 + 3 DLC + 18 Subjects RePack by-Ultra- (2011) | 4.36 GB
Genre: RPG | Developer: BioWare | Platform: PC
Publisher: Electronic Arts | Publication Type: RePack
Language: English & Russian | Voice: English

Continuation of the best role-playing game in 2009 from the authors of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series, and Mass Effect. In a new journey on a full of mysteries and dangers of fantasy world Dragon Age player will act as a simple refugee named Hawk, scrambles to protect his family from an unforgiving Mora. The fates decreed it was he who would become the main defender of the city Kirkvolla.
The plot covers an entire decade history of the harsh world, whose inhabitants fiercely opposed the invasion of the creatures of darkness. Player to make difficult decisions to enter into mutually beneficial alliances with pretty dangerous individuals, acquire wealth and fame and, of course, sword and sorcery tirelessly to fight the numerous enemies. How will the story that will forever change the universe of Dragon Age, depends only on the player.

Travel to extend over a decade. Thanks to a new original method of disclosure of the storyline the player, moving in time, will be provided in different places and circumstances this kind of surprise makes the gameplay even more exciting.
Fans of Dragon Age will take a long way from a poor beggar to a legendary warrior, and in this way always have to make hard choices and take vital decisions.
What would be the class of gaming is not the user has selected a magician, thief or a warrior a new, improved combat system will provide high dynamics of battle, not so you can relax for a second.
Improved graphics engine World Dragon Age noticeably prettier and has become more alive as spectacular as the game is not inferior quality kinoblokbasteram. In addition, it is so exciting and full of surprises that will keep players in suspense until the very end.

Patch 1.02

Effects of different skills satellites and properties of objects are now correctly terminated, and apply again when loading and saving.
In the tactics Anders default now if necessary turn on Accelerate.
Recent improvements to the armor Avelino is now available in the pet and mistakes.
Ability Avelino Retribution is no longer cause a delay at startup.
Ability of soldiers Encouragement will now work as described.
Ability robbers Mangle now operates as described.
Satellites, resurrected during the battle, duly returned to the battle.
If you use potions Sigh of the Creator, then save and load Hawke no longer gets random spells and abilities.
Potions, poisons, grenades, and runes can now acquire the estate of Hawke and after completion of the storyline.
Fixed various minor plot error.

JOB (Narrative may disclose information)
The quest Whom do you want to save? Now you can complete.
Quest Debt now appears on the blackboard a preacher, even if the player picked all the tasks on the board before you install bonus content Prince in Exile.
Specifying Duty in the magazine is now updated if the player leaves the port (at night) immediately after the murder of mercenaries of Flint.
In the mission That fell from the cart, the door to the warehouse Woodrow will now be opened, if a player stole the layout plan of the warehouse from the bureau chief of the port.
If the job What fell from the cart, the player leaves the warehouse Woodrow, not finding a box, you can still go back to the warehouse and complete the task.
In the Assignments herbalist heart varterrala now available, even if the player killed varterrala to get the job.
Merril no longer refers to the consequences of the job new way to complete this task.
Varrik no longer confused with whom the romance of Hawke.
Fixed various minor bugs scenario.

Ability Varrika Epithets is no longer associated with speed of movement.
It became easier to choose the satellite by clicking on the portrait for display arrows increase.
Now the game works properly with an increase of the Windows desktop to 150.
In the setting of an image expanded range of scales for the full screen mode.
Various bugs related to DirectX 11, no longer occur.
Improved performance and reduced the number of sorties.

System requirements
OS: Windows XP SP2 / Windows Vista / Windows 7
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo (1,8 GHz) or AMD Athlon X2 1964 (2.4 GHz)
Video: Radeon HD 2600 Pro / nVidia GeForce 7900 GS with 256 MB
Audio: Sound card compatible with DirectX 9.0
RAM: 1 GB (for XP) / 1,5 GB (for Vista / Seven)
HDD: 6,7 GB

Features RePack
Do not cut/no recoded
Maintain the original DragonAge2.exe (patches, mods, etc)
RePack by Ultra


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