Now you can Hack Hotmail account without Software

After my previous article on 100% Fud Crypter, I am back with one more trick to hack or recover hotmail email-id password.

I see alot of new visitors are wanting to learn how to hack somebodies hotmail account..or asking others to do it for them.
Most are under the illusion that there's this "hack" button you can press and you instantly get their password, however this is not the case.
Most newb's are put off by the fact that they have to keylog or phish their way into getting a password, and they resort to asking the "hackers".
But i'll provide an easy alternative.

This method is called Reverting, and you will be sending a form in to microsoft customer support to reset the password for your (or somebody elses) hotmail account.

NOTE: If you are interested in protecting yourself against this hacking method, please refer to this thread.

For this method, it helps to know the person, even a little, but i'll still give you a step-by-step tut on how to find the information and fill out each part of the form.


How to hack almost any hotmail :
1: go here:
Live support

2: Give them your victims full name.
Now, if you do not know their first name, try the following things to find it.
First, try using these two sites, simply enter their email and hit return.

if you want more, google their hotmail account(s), for example, type into google:
Include the quotes, cause this searches for only the hotmail account.
If you gain any results, it will most likely be forums or if you're lucky, social networking sites, that they have filled out their info on.
Go through these searches, and look at every one, even make a .txt file in notepad pasting down all the info you can on them.
Once you're done, if you havnt got their last name, keep reading..if you have, goto step 3.

Presuming you dont yet have their last name, try going to social networking sites, like:

Or any others you can think of, and search for their hotmail account using the websites search feature.
if you get any results, you're in luck, most of the time people include alot of information on themselves in there. Follow any leads you can find on the info, and even ask them or their friends (look up a tutorial on social engineering info out of people first, it will help).

Now another thing you can do is use IF your slave has their own website.

If you dont have it by now, maybe you should find an easier target, or if you're desperate, use this technique to hack one of their rl best friends, and alot of the time they have their full name assigned to your victims hotmail address, in their addressbook.

Or, I sometimes just say "I'm pretty sure I only put in my first name at registration, I'm paranoid like that" or something along those lines... It's worked for me.

BTW: This is called d0xing, or "documenting", basically harvesting info on people, it's completely legal as long as you get all your info from the public domain (forums, social networking sites etc).

3: The e-mail address for us to send a response:
Simple, give them your email address... could use a fake one if you're paranoid (one you got access too), but I don't see any risk.

4: Primary e-mail address/member ID associated with the account you are inquiring about:
Here you put in your victims email address (the one you're trying to hack). Then click Continue.

5: Date of birth.
You can simply give them the year, if you dont know any further then that..but if you want to be on the safe side, read step 2, and use those techniques to find their date of birth.

6: Country
If you dont know their country, which you probably should, use their IP address which you will have in one of the next steps to find it, by using

7: State
same deal, use their IP addy if you dont know it already

8: ZIP or postal code
Same deal again, it's usually correct if you use the IP addy...just use ip_tracer
and find their town/suburb or whatever, and google the ZIP code for it.

9: The secret answer to your question
simply put "i dont remember"

10: Your alternate email address
for this, you just put in the email address you're trying to hack, you dont need their alternate email address.

11: Your IP Address
Okay so here's probably the toughest one, but it's still easy. (NOTE: It's very hard to revert an account unless you successfully complete this step)
There's alot of ways to get their IP, i'll give you the easy ones.

Email: Get them to send you an email somehow, it doesnt matter how, you can just send an email saying:
"hey, how are you?" and they'll probably reply. Once you have their email (dont use old emails, please, everybody uses dynamic IP's these days)
right click on it, and click "view source",

...Now in that Source you want to find "X-Originating-IP: [XX.XXX.XX.XX]" That is their IP address. If the email source is all jibberish and looks encrypted, try what one user suggested:

This is from Hotmail? Right? I get this too..
I forwarded these emails to my broadband providers base email (NOT Webmail), then selected each one and `Save as`, it will prompt you to save in .eml format - save to desktop, then right-click and open in Notepad. You will see detail then.

Website: Go here syntaxmaster and register an account for free, it's real easy.

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